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Emanuela Prandelli

Emanuela Prandelli

Marketing internazionale


E' stata Coordinatrice del Modulo "Marketing Internazionale" all'interno dell'Executive Master per l'Internazionalizzazione d'Impresa e docente NIBI al Corso Executive Marketing Internazionale

Professore associato di Management & Technology

Academic Director CEMS-MIM, Università Bocconi

Docente senior, Area Marketing, SDA Bocconi School of Management

Pubblicazioni principali:

International Books:

  • Collaborating with Customers to Innovate. Conceiving and Marketing Products in the Network Age,(coauthors M. Sawhney, G. Verona), July 2008, Edgar, Sheffield Brightman; 

Contributions to Collective International Books:

  • “From Software to Hardware: The Changing Technology of Open Source” (co-author G. Verona). In A. Capaldo (ed.), Advances in Strategy and Organization. Selected Papers from 'Second Tuesday' Seminars. McGraw Hill: Milano, 2012, pp. 197-221.
  • “Co-developing New Products with Customers” (co-author G. Verona). In A. Carù & K. Tollin (eds.),  Strategic Market Creation: A New Perspective on Marketing and Innovation Management, John Wiley & Sons, Ltd., 2008, pp. 362-388.
  •  “Collaborative Innovation: Web-based tools for customer involvement in new product development” (co-author G. Verona). In C. Wankel (ed.), 21st Century Management: A Reference Handbook, Sage Publications, Thousand Oaks, CA, 2007.
  • “Knowledge Management and the Emerging Organizational Models of Distributed Innovation: Towards a Taxonomy” (co-authors M. Sawhney, G. Verona). In Renzl B., Matzler K., Hinterhuber H. (eds.) The Future of Knowledge Management, Palgrave Macmillan, Houndmills, Hampshire, 2006, pp. 137-160.
  • “Beyond Customer Knowledge Management: Customers as Knowledge Co-Creators” (co-author M. Sawhney), in Knowledge Management and Virtual Organization, Idea Group Publishing, Hershey, PA, 2000, pp. 258-281.

International Articles:

  • “All that is Users Might not be Gold: How Labeling Products as User-designed Backfires in the Context of Luxury Fashion Brands”, (co-authors, Dahl, D.; Fuchs, C.; Schreier, M.), Journal of Marketing, September 2013, Vol. 77, pp. 75-91.
  • “Psychological Effects of Empowerment Strategies on Consumers' Product Demand” (co-authors, Fuchs, C.; Schreier, M.), Journal of Marketing, January 2010, pp. 65-79
  • “Internet-Enabled Co-Production: Partnering or Competing with Customers?” (co-authors, U. Schultze, P.I. Salonen, M. Van Alstyne), Communications of the Association for Information Systems, Volume 19 Article 15, April 2007, pp. 294-324
  • “Web-based Product Innovation”  (coauthors G. Verona, D. Raccagni), California Management Review, Summer 48 (4), 2006, pp. 109-135
  • “Innovation and virtual environments: towards virtual knowledge brokers”  (coauthors M. Sawhney, G. Verona), Organization Studies, 27(6), 2006, pp. 765-788 (First article in the issue).
  • “Collaborating to Create: The Internet as a Platform for Customer Engagement in Product Innovation”  (coauthors M. Sawhney, G. Verona), Journal of Interactive Marketing,  19(4), 2005, pp. 3-17 (First article in the issue, Runner-up for best paper of the journal, currently 366 citations Google Scholar).
  • “The Power of Innomediation” (coauthors M. Sawhney, G. Verona), MIT Sloan Management Review, Winter, 44 (2), 2003, pp. 77-82
  • “A dynamic model of customer loyalty for sustaining competitive advantage on the Web”  (co-author G. Verona), European Management Journal, 20 (3), 2002, pp. 299-309.
  • “ Communities of Creation: Managing Distributed Innovation in Turbulent Markets ” (co-author M. Sawhney), in California Management Review, Vol. 42, n. 4, Summer, 2000, pp. 24-54.

Italian Books:

  • Il Vantaggio Competitivo in Rete (coauthor G. Verona), 2011. McGraw Hill, Milano, forthcoming
  • Marketing in Rete. Oltre Internet verso il Nuovo Marketing (coauthor G. Verona), 2006. McGraw Hill, Milano (second edition)
  • Collaborative Innovation (coauthor G. Verona), 2006. Carocci, Roma
  • Marketing in Rete. Analisi e decisioni nell’economia digitale, (coauthor G.Verona), McGraw Hill, Milano, 2002.
  • Oltre la notizia. Economia e gestione delle imprese editrici di quotidiani in Italia, Etaslibri, Milano, 1999.

Articles in Italian Journals:

  •  “Come la critica influenza le scelte di cambiamento delle imprese: un’analisi longitudinale sull’innovazione stilistica nel settore della moda”, Finanza, Marketing, Produzione, Special Issue (1), 2012, pp. 69-72 (co-author P. Cillo)
  • “Collaborare con i clienti per innovare”, Economia & Management, n.5, 2008 (coautori Sawhney M., Verona G.)
  • “Il ruolo dei broker tecnologici: Un’analisi esplorativa”, Economia & Politica Industriale, n. 3, Settembre, 2005 (coautori G. Verona, E. Barbi).
  • “Piccole e media imprese e mercati globali: il ruolo del web marketing”,Lecco Economia, Banca Popolare di Lecco- Deutsche Bank, giugno, 2005.
  • “Il ruolo del Web ai fini del coinvolgimento del cliente nei processi di innovazione: teoria e prassi a confronto”, Micro & Macro Marketing, n. 3, 2003, pp. 321-359 (coautori G. Verona, D. Raccagni).
  • “La Rete e l’assorbimento della conoscenza del cliente per l’innovazione” (coautore G. Verona), Economia & Management, n. 4, Settembre, 2003
  • “A dynamic model of customer stickiness for the buyer-seller relationship in the frictionless economy” (co-author G. Verona), in Finanza Marketing Produzione, n. 1, 2001.
  • “Affiliation o Lock-in? Strategie di marketing per competere in Internet” (co-autore G. Verona), in Economia & Management, n. 4, July, 2001.
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